There’s a saying among the fitness fraternity. It goes: “you wouldn't run a sports car on green diesel, so why are you trying to fuel your machine with inferior fuel?” It’s the same with sporting and endurance horses. When it comes to a horse’s feed needs – especially when these majestic animals are required to really push themselves – superior nutrition is vital.

Biofarma SA, a company that’s been specialising in animal nutrition and health for over 30 years, understands this and offers a range of horse feed products to suit animals across ages and lifestyle. On show at the Dubai International Horse Fair 2017 at stand number A-62, the company – that is showcasing in the UAE for the first time – will be bringing its complete range of Derby Equine Nutrition horse feed products to the Middle East. With a total production capacity of 12,000 tons per month in its three plants in Cordoba, Argentina, Biofarma’s equine department has already seen incredible results in the Argentinian market, thanks to high-quality products and reasonable prices.

biofarma offers products for horses in all stages of life, including a complete line of feeds and supplements for high-performance horses. The Derby Equine Nutrition’s Derby Corrector VM Mineral Vitamin supplement is an example of the latter. Designed to safely provide the recommended dose of vitamins and trace elements fundamental for the future sport life of high-performance horses, it’s ideal for those horses that compete.

Derby Destete, on the other hand, is a concentrated formula supplement manufactured for weaning foals. A high-protein concentrate supplement with a combination of amino acids of the highest biological value, this supplement ensures young horses receive optimal nutrition at a critical stage of their lives.

Staying with foal feeds, Derby Recria is a protein mineral vitamin supplement administered from birth up to 18 months, the age at which a horse reaches 90 per cent of its height and over 85 per cent of its adult weight. 

Moving on to fully grown horses, Derby Entrenamiento provides full nutrition for adults. Designed to be used as the base for working horse rations, or for those horses who are in preparation for shows, up for sale, in training, or those that require stable, energy providing feeds, this is a great feed all round.

Derby Queratin is a hoof and hair improver supplement; Derby Extra Calcio is a calcifying supplement with biotin that helps to build a strong and healthy bone structure; Derby OsteoPerfect is a bone density and quality improver supplement; Derby Articular is a joint quality improver supplement; Derby Antioxi Plus is an antioxidant supplement for muscle recovery; Derby Calm is a supplement for nervous horses; and Derby Block is a mineral supplement formulated especially to provide salt and trace elements necessary for good metabolism.

As for feeds, Derby Fibra Sport is a pelleted feed that provides energy based on high digestibility fibres – think sugar beet pulp and soy peel – as well as vegetable oils and extruded cereals that guarantee safe energy intake. This feed also avoids multiple digestive and behavioural disorders that may be caused by unprocessed starch.

Biofarma, who is looking for a local UAE distributor for its complete range of horse feed products, will be on show at the Dubai International Horse Fair from 16–18 March, at stand number A-62.


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