Anand Sai

Anand Sai

irina kazaridi

Wild Spirit.....

Horse is one of the most beautiful and affectionate creature incarnated in the this world with various qualities such as Courage, Love, Energy, Royality, Emotion, Loyalty, Speed.....

Horse represents powerful masculine character which inspired me to capture his emotion and presents it in the art form. when I was broken in my life, I accidentally drew a horse and suddenly I regained all

my lost energy from it. I feel that horse gave me power and new perspective to look towards life. and that perspective was Always Keep Moving...

while painting a horse, I alwavs feel like I m creating the  self-portait of mine.

some of the my painting i am useing charcoal. My thought behind making Horse painting using Charcoal is, when a thing burns it creates charcoal (Koyla) and Charcoal has an ability to give rebirth to the thing, start a new creation in the form of horse. Thus, the Horse painted symbolizes New Life and Energy.

I am useing Charcole/Oil/Acrlic depend subject Matter.

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Anand Sai

Equine Fine Artist


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