Olga Sova

Olga Sova

Olga Sova

Relatives from my mother's side were mostly artists, musicians, etc.…  I started to draw at an early age and no one was even surprised when my works were chosen for town exhibition.

Further at school I decided to study art professionally but the exams at Art school have already passed.

However the admission board was interested in my work and not to lose the year I was accepted as an apprentice.  A month later I was accepted as a student for high performance. 

At the Art school I studied drawing, painting, composition, sculpture and art history. Over the years of training I was one of the best students in the group and participated in exhibitions. 

After the Art school I’ve finished the courses of Interior Decoration and then I had an opportunity to practice with the honored masters at the art workshop where I gained additional experience and skills.

Later on I worked at a kid's club as a Visual Artist where I taught children painting as well.

In the beginning of 90s’ the situation in the country was difficult thus I had to stop my career for a while and started my own business which was connected to overseas travels.

Later, I decided to live and work in the UAE. At first I couldn’t tie my career to the art but some time ago I decided to come back to painting after a long break and was happy to find that I had not lost my skills, moreover I’ve been overwhelmed with all sorts of ideas that I want to share now.


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