Falconry & Hunting 2019

Falconry & Hunting 2019

For the first time, Dubai International Horse Fair will be introducing a Falconry and Hunting segment in partnership with the Emirates Falconers’ Club (EFC) in Abu Dhabi. There will be a variety of activities for both adults & kids of all ages on the Emirates Falconers’ Club stand giving visitors a great opportunity to interact & learn about the heritage of falconry and hunting.


The Noble Art of Falconry



The falcon is the national bird of UAE.  Trainers from EFC will be on hand to demonstrate the hunting procedure of the falcon live at the show.

Learn more about the traditional and noble art of falconry with an opportunity for a hands-on close encounter with hunting falcons in the desert.

Meet the Stars of the Arabian Saluki Center



The Arabian Saluki is a regal breed of dogs that hunt primarily by sight rather than scent – used by nomadic tribes to run down game animals.  EFC established the Arabian Saluki Centre in 2001, a first of its kind in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East to revive and promote the desert tradition of hunting with saluki dogs.

Come & meet some of the stars of the Centre at the show & learn more about them.

 Mohamed Bin Zayed School for Falconry and Desert Physiognomy 


The school for Falconry and Desert Physiognomy was established in December 2014 to educate future generations about the deep-rooted heritage and history of the UAE and the wider Arabian Peninsula.  It was the first institution in the world that taught original Arab falconry traditions, rules and ethics.

Visit them at the EFC Stand and get first-hand knowledge on the following topics for kids of all ages:

  • The school’s initiatives and current mandate
  • The History of Traditional Arabian Falconry and Falcon                              For kids aged 4 - 12:
  • A Coloring Workshop 
  • Workshops on how to make falcon puppets & masks 

The Emirates Falconers’ Club at the Show



The Emirates Falconers’ Club is a non-profit organization that raises awareness of the value of falconry as an art and cultural heritage.  Established in 2001, under the guidance and patronage of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, EFC brings together local and international falconers to educate and promote concerted efforts towards the protection and development of the UAE’s inherent heritage of falconry, related sustainable environmental practices and ethics through organizing word-class events and supporting various educational and environmental initiatives.

EFC will host some of the leading players in the Falconry sector who will present the latest products, services and trends in the hunting sector at the show

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