Full speed ahead: ItalFiocchi’s feeds are ideally formulated for sports-performance horses

A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care.  Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand." – Pat Parelli, American horse trainer

There are approximately nine million horses in the US, with about 4.6 million Americans working in the horse industry there. It’s big business, with the US horse sector contributing about US$39 billion to the country’s economy each year. If you consider that there are approximately 58 million horses on the planet – about 6.5 times the number in the US alone – it’s easy to conceive how much business potential there is in the global horse industry.

In the Middle East, horse racing is a profitable business, too. The world’s richest horse race, the Dubai World Cup, sees a total of US$27.25 million in prize money handed over to winners, with US$10 million going to the first prize winner alone. Almost as popular as horse racing is endurance racing, an exclusive sport that sees highly trained riders and horses running non-stop for up to eight hours, or 160km, travelling at speeds of up to 40km per hour. Followed by support vehicles – including horse owners, trainers and managers – endurance horses and riders are constantly monitored during races, with any animals or people being deemed unfit to continue being eliminated. On average, out of every 50 horse-rider pairs that start a race, fewer than a quarter will finish it. In short: it’s a tough sport.

Italy-based ItalFiocchi, who will be exhibiting at the Dubai International Horse Fair from 16–18 March 2017, fully understands the pressures and challenges of endurance racing. With this in mind, the company – that has been specialising in the manufacture of horse feeds for over four decades – has created range of high-quality forage and food for sports performance horses.

ItalFiocchi, whose entire product range is certified NON-GMO, observes best practices during the processing of its animal feeds, ensuring every horse receives only the most suitable nutrition to help that animal reach its utmost potential. Obtained through the use of highly advanced industrial technologies, the company’s feeds are not only healthy, but safe, nutritionally improved and highly digestible.

That’s thanks to the characteristic flaking process of the raw materials that the manufacturer uses to make its feeds, ensuring that they’re highly digestible and safe at the same time. All feeds are precisely balanced and supplemented with minerals and vitamins to increase nutritional power and, consequently, to optimise horses’ physiological function. ItalFiocchi’s nutrition experts have an in-depth understanding of all of the company’s feed products, and can assist clients in terms of choosing the ideal feed for their horses, as well as what the correct ration would be for an individual animal.

Source tailor-made feeds that meet individual horses’ personal requirements at the ItalFiocchi stand, number D-10, at the Dubai International Horse Fair from 16–18 March 2017.


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